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Shocktober #29 – Haute Tension


High Tension French Poster

High Tension
Release Date: 2003
Starring:Cécile de France, Maïwenn Le Besco
Director: Alexandre Aja
Rated R

The fourth and final European film to be added to Shocktober is High Tension. It’s yet another French horror film to make it to the list. It’s about two friends, girls believe it or not, that go back home to rural France. Within twenty minutes in the film we discover our main character that has emotional problems is curious lesbian. When she makes it to bed in the attic guest room a strange character arrives to the home. This strange man slaughters the whole family in regular brutal French fashion. In one scene the man of the household’s head becomes decapitate by way of a dresser. You will have to see that one to believe it.

When I went to screen the film at my local movie house I was the only in the auditorium. This was perfect as I had to read the movie and it helped me concentrate on the dynamic storyline without interruption. Man, was I amazed as the story is played out. The acting is alright, but its the unspoken emotions that are seen in the faces of the characters that are great. This is another good one to take in on a rainy afternoon. Check it out on Netflix or buy it from Amazon.

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