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Shocktober #28 – Martyrs


Martyrs Poster

Release Date: 2009
Starring:Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï
Director: Pascal Laugier
Rated R

According to Wikipedia, a Martyr is someone who is persecuted and punished to death for not renouncing their beliefs. Usually involves religion or some sort of religious belief. Martyrs is a film of about a group of people trying to create martyrs to try and collect information of the afterlife.

The movie is about a girl who escapes an abandoned warehouse where we find out she has been abused and beaten. Since she has no family she is sent to an orphanage where she befriends another orphan. These two girls become best friends. Anna, the main heroine, is visited by creatures of some sort which we are to believe are because of the trauma sustained from the warehouse incident. When the two girls grow up, Anna, finds her captors and unleashes righteous judgement. Now, the real story unfolds as we learn new information on who Anna’s captors are and why they chose her.

Thoroughly an absolutely brutal film from France. In order to create a martyr there is more brutal punishment than you think. I was shocked at how much punishment was dealt on the heroines of the story. I just can’t find any other words other than just brutally real. Check this one out on Netflix, or just pick it up at Amazon as this is a great film to watch on a lazy Sunday.

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